Dear International visitor,

Unfortunately this site is dedicated to Italian users only. Of course you are free to visit and browse around (and download too, of course!) but you won't find English text anywhere... (If you are looking for a good English speaking Abandonware site, please check out the Official Abandonware Ring, Home of the UnderDogs or BHLegend, just to tell you some of my favourites).

There are at least 3 good reasons why this is, and probably will remain, like this:

1) First, while browsing for Abandonware through the World Wide Web I found out that English speaking sites are plenty while I could find only a few Italian ones. I started this site to fill the gap for all the italian users who, often, have problems with the English language and thus are not only looking for Italian sites but also for Italian Abandonware.

Thus, the purpose of this Site is to provide italian users with Italian Abandonware (whatever made or translated). For example, did you know that Big Red Adventure and Nippon Safes Inc. were italian productions?

2) I dont't want this Site to be too much exposed to the attention from the "International" surfers because, if my provider realizes heavy traffic is going on through this Site, it will probably delete my account in fear of breaking some law. Thus since italian law (as there is no real legislation on Abandonware) is very strict on every matter concerning "free" software from the web.

3) Last but most common one: lack of time. It is already very difficult for me to keep up (and constantly update) these "italian" pages. Translating everything also into English would be a too heavy burden for me...

Nevertheless, as I wrote before, you are free to download anything available but be warned that most of the software is in Italian (if you are looking for English games, check for the "ENG" text next to the screenshot).

Here's a little guide-line on how to download and install the archives:

Most of the archives come along with a Readme.txt file but for the reasons expressed in point 1) it is in italian only (it's called LEGGIMI.TXT). Generally it's quiet self-explanatory: if you read something like DOS it means you better run the game in pure DOS mode, if you read EMS it means it runs only with EMS memory and so on...

Unfortunately I cannot provide help for you since I am already overwhelmed by "italian" requests. Anyway I'll try to do my best to answer anyone. But please, please, please bear in mind that I cannot promise to fulfill this 100%!

Now, if you read up to here, then you are kindly welcome to sign my GuestBook! For a reason I don't know, Italian users don't care or try to avoid it. Apart of being fun, for me it is important for its feedback, for example to know how many "International" users have visited this Site. The GuestBook can give me a good idea on this matter. And remember: more of you people requesting an English version, more chance to bring you one sooner or later!

Thank you for your kind attention,

the WebMaster